About the band

Wilde is a rock band based out of Chicago. Since its formative days, Wilde has held, above all else, a strict dedication to fostering conversation through music and live performance. Influences of nostalgia in early American rock pioneers, beautifully crossed with dirty, bluesy rock, eastern folk music, and classically composed jazz play a role in creating and driving a sound that speaks to nearly everyone.

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Paul Palos - Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

One of nine children, Paul grew up loud and energetic. The first time he played in a band he was only 13 years old. He was so bad that his band mate unplugged his bass and told him to pretend to play. Since then Paul has become a better musician, “but not by much” is what he’d tell you.

Steve Keider - Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals

Steve picked up a bass guitar after being introduced to Primus around 2007. Originally from Cleveland, he moved to Chicago in 2011 and met Paul selling tea together in 2013. After college, he dedicated his focus once again on music, and also releases Electronic Music as “The Nautilus”.

Timmy Briones - Lead Guitar

Timmy grew up with the nuisances of terrible punk rock and screaming solos of '80 black metal. He found his musical calling when his dad gave him an album by Booker T & the MG's, and he's loved the blues ever since. He generally likes cold showers and all things green.

James Shine - Keys, Strings & Mandolin

Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago and having grown up on a nutritious diet of traditional Irish, bluegrass, and Beatles music (with the occasional seasonings of everything else), James found his musical home with a baby fresh band called Wilde at its birth in the year 2015. He likes coffee a lot.

Kennan Feller - Drums & Percussion

Keenan began playing the piano at age four, and soon after developed an interest in drums. He grew up listening to classic rock, 90's alternative, and jazz, and has since expanded his musical taste to include everything under the sun. He proudly knows all the lyrics to “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”.

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